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  • New trial may be step forward for spinal cord injuries

By Miriam Falco, CNN Medical Managing Editor, CNN, April 16, 2014

CNN Medical Managing Editor, Miriam Falco, reports on the promise of NSI-566 for chronic spinal cord injury, approved to commence a Phase I trial at the University of California, San Diego, School of Medicine. July is cited as the potential first treatment date by Neuralstem’s CSO Karl Johe, PhD. In the article, Dr. Johe and President and CEO Richard Garr give insights on the ability of NSI-566 to "actually build new circuitry” and “jump the gap with the new circuitry we've built.”

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  • Neuralstem doses ischemic stroke patient with stem cells directly into the brain

By Shannon Ellis, BioWorld Asia, February 5, 2014

“It is a crucial step forward for the company and the field at large, since optimizing cell therapy treatment for CNS indications will require delivering cells to the brain, as well as to the spinal cord.” - Neuralstem's Chairman and CSO, Karl Johe, PhD, quoted in BioWorld's article on the ongoing NSI-566/ischemic stroke trial in Beijing.

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  • Stem cell trial seeks longer lives for victims of deadly ALS

By Ben Gruber, Reuters, January 8, 2014

NSI-566/ALS Emory University Site Principal Investigator, Jonathan D. Glass, M.D., and Phase II patient, April Moundzouris, are featured in this video news story by Reuters’ Ben Gruber. Dr. Glass notes that Neuralstem’s cell therapy and the trial investigators are working towards “chang(ing) the slope” of ALS to “become a chronic disease, as opposed to a terminal disease.”

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  • Neuralstem: Sizing Up Potential Key Events of 2014

By Larry Smith, Smith On Stocks, January 8, 2014

Former biotech/pharma analyst and former Director of Research at Smith Barney and Hambrecht and Quist, Larry Smith, analyzes the progress and potential key events in the year ahead for Neuralstem’s lead cell therapy product, NSI-566, and lead small molecule compound, NSI-189, in this expansive article.

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  • Neuralstem’s $19.6M offering takes ALS bid through phase II

By Randy Osborne, BioWorld Today, January 6, 2014

In a front-page feature story, BioWorld Today’s Randy Osborne talks to Neuralstem’s President and CEO, Richard Garr, about the recent financing announcement and how, upon expected closing, it will impact current and upcoming clinical trials, including NSI-566/ALS Phase II, NSI-189/MDD
Phase II filing, and FDA-approved NSI-566/cSCI Phase I. The article also explores the company’s novel approach to cell therapy and the mechanisms of action by NSI-566 for different indications, such as building new circuitry to “bridge the gap” in spinal cord injury.

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