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  • Ted Harada: His ALS Miracle Continues to Amaze

By Tom Henderson, Crain’s Detroit Business, May 3, 2013

“Today, Harada told me nearly all the improvement that happened after his last injection is still evident,” writes Tom Henderson in this thoughtful article on NSI-566/ALS patient Ted Harada who shared thoughts about the upcoming Phase II trial and his happily cane-free health status. According to Ted, “It’s clear from the data that the injections reversed my symptoms and slowed down the progression of the disease. I’ve received a blessing. I almost forget I have ALS.”

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  • Drug might treat depression, brain damage in athletes

By Elizabeth Waibel, Gaithersburg Gazette, May 3, 2013

President and CEO Richard Garr is quoted in this comprehensive story on Neuralstem’s NSI-189/traumatic brain injury initiative with the National Football League Alumni Association.

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  • Possible Brain Drug Test: NFL group, company hope to conduct new trial

Reported by Jenna Lee, Fox News, April 29, 2013

In this trend segment on potential treatments for traumatic brain injury and PTSD, Jenna Lee interviews FOX News contributor, neurologist Dr. Matthew Fink, about Neuralstem’s new NSI-189/TBI initiative with the NFLAA.

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  • NFL alumni take stance on front line of effort to treat brain injuries

By Craig Wolff, The Star-Ledger (NJ), April 25, 2013

Reporter Craig Wolff talks to former San Diego Charger Wayne Clark about Neuralstem’s and the National Football League Alumni Association’s new initiative to develop an NSI-189/traumatic brain injury trial for treating NFL alumni. “I’d be willing to participate in anything,” Clark said. “And I’d expect all of us, no matter our present condition, would do the same.”

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  • NFL may test brain injury treatment on retired players

By CBS News reporters/AP, April 24, 2013

“When in doubt, sit it out.” CBS, reporting with AP, added to the Neuralstem-NFLAA NSI-189/TBI story citing the American Academy of Neurology researchers’ new guidelines that call for current athletes who have sustained a significant head injury during a game be removed from play.

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