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  • Neuralstem’s Pipeline Addresses Enormous Unmet Medical Needs

By Jason Napodano, CFA, PropThink, August 12, 2013

A comprehensive overview of Neuralstem’s NSI-566 cell therapy clinical trials for unmet medical needs – ALS, spinal cord injury, and ischemic stroke – as well as Neuralstem’s novel small molecule drug, NSI-189, nearing the conclusion of its Phase Ib trial in major depressive disorder, expected in the second half of 2013, is the focus of this to-the-minute article.

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  • ALS patient improving with stem-cell treatments

By Jeff Dore, WSB-TV Atlanta, August 1, 2013

Jeff Dore visits NSI-566/ALS Phase I patient Ted Harada, who shares his story, claiming he's "the luckiest man on the face of the earth." Site Principal Investigator, Emory's Jonathan D. Glass, MD, is also interviewed, in advance of the Phase II trial.

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  • U-M stem cell trial produces positive results for ALS patients

By Kim Kozlowski, The Detroit News, July 8, 2013

“The results suggest that [NSI-566] intraspinal stem cell transplantation of ALS subjects with no bulbar symptoms early in the course of their disease could slow disease progression,” Feldman said. “I am extremely hopeful that we have found a way early in the course of the disease to make a true difference. Any treatment that can slow the progression of the disease is truly a home run for Lou Gehrig.” ALS trial principal investigator, Dr. Eva Feldman, is quoted in this front-page feature story exploring Phase I results and the upcoming NSI-566/ALS Phase II trial planned this year, which will increase dosage and number of injections.

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  • Human Stem Cells Help Acute SCI Rats; Chronic Trial Update

By Sam Maddox, Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation, May 31, 2013

Neuralstem’s Chairman of the Board and Chief Scientific Officer, Karl Johe, Ph.D., shared insights on the breakthrough scientific research that led to the FDA approval of the upcoming NSI-566/chronic spinal cord injury trial with Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation’s blogger, Sam Maddox. Mr. Maddox also identified the five planned trial centers.

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  • FDA-approved Stem Cell Trial Dramatically Slows ALS

By Cynthia Fox, Bioscience Technology, May 30, 2013

“Being a Michigan wolverine, I’ll use an analogy. It’s [no significant disease progression] as rare as a red wolf. And that is very rare,” says NSI-566/ALS clinical trial Principal Investigator Dr. Eva Feldman. Dr. Feldman and Neuralstem’s President and CEO Richard Garr are interviewed for this feature story that explores the new ALS Phase I data from six of the extraordinary responders, after Dr. Feldman presented it at the Romanian Neurological Society Congress earlier in May.

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